AquaLink WEB (AQ WEB) is a modern, intelligent software user interface for communicating and operating AquaLink IoT devices. The server works in multiple languages and time zones and it ensures wireless control of settings on AQ devices. Access to the interface is enabled via the internet browser on a PC, a tablet or a mobile phone.

The software provides a simple way of monitoring the devices using the location in Google maps, detecting devices with low batteries, with poor signal or in alarm. For easier detection of loss in the pipelines there are additional tools: virtual alarms and algorithm for leak detection.

Virtual AQ devices: A group of devices can be combined into virtual devices, which enables an efficient and simple way of monitoring the whole area or a larger number of devices to have a better understanding of events and water discharges.

The ideal AQ line: The tool is designed to ensure easier and more effective monitoring of zones and residential areas. By inputting the KPI or data of daily consumpiton, the system displays an ideal line. In this way it is possible to have visual overview of deviations between the ideal line and the actual line and also of potential losses.

Step Testing: User interface AQ WEB is a system designed to gradually test the pipelines in the field. This application enables a group of devices to synchronise the changes in saving and sending settings, in a specific period of time with a purpose of detecting faults. After this operation is completed, all devices automatically return to their initial setting.

AQ connectivity: The system works independently but it can also be connected with other CNS or SCADA systems via an API interface.

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