AQ Smart Hydrant

Permanent pressure and temperature measurements
Valve open indication (alarm)
Flow and cumulative
Robust IP67 housing integrated in the hydrant
Battery replaceable (operation over 6 years)
Integrated antenna
Local USB and Bluetooth communication

The AQ IoT Smart Hydrant is developed to facilitate the identification of hydrant system operation. The hydrant permanently measures pressure and temperature to keep us informed of operation. In case of consumption it instantly sends a notification of the consumption and the current flow, and finally informs us of the amount of water used.

     2G/3G/4G (SMS)
     NB-IoT (SMS)
Device data
     Input 1,2 flow left right
     Input 3,4 pressure (valve closed), temperature
     Input 5 pressure (valve open)
     Battery status
     Communication signal status
     Internal power consumption
     Temperature and humidity inside the device
     Valve open or closed (ON/OFF switch)
     Date and time (synchronised on each transmission)
Communication protocol
     AQ Protocol

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