Measuring the temperature of water in the pipeline

From DN 80/500
For plastic, metal and concrete pipes
Accuracy class: Standard a according to DIN EN60751 at 0 °C
A:± 0.15°C
Measuring range: -50°C + 200°C
Battery powered via AQ Logger (more than 6 years)
Insertable under pressure
Assembly in less than 1 hour
Connector for easy connection to the device

Insertable temperature sensor that can be mounted under pressure in the pipe. The sensor is mounted using a clamp that allows drilling into the pipe under pressure. When drilling is complete, the valve on the clamp closes and the sensor is screwed in. The valve is opened and the telescopic measuring rod is pushed into the pipe to the desired height. The sensor is telescopic, which allows adjustment to the desired depth in the pipe.

     2G/3G/4G (SMS)
     NB-IoT (SMS)
Device data
     Input 1, temperature C/F
     Battery status

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